Weber Named 2017 Bradley Award Recipient

Madeline Weber (right), with Mary Jo and Keith Bradley

Madeline Weber, veteran member and current GBTC President, is the 2017 Margaret Bradley Award Recipient. Madeline has excelled on roads and trails since joining the club, and her dedication to the club has shown through on many occasions. Madeline received the 2016 Coaches Award, and was most recently named president by her fellow board members. She is frequently a scoring member at Grand Prix and Cross-Country races, and has found success on the roads from 5k to the marathon.

Margaret L. Bradley was a member of GBTC who died while on a trail run through the Grand Canyon on July 10, 2004, at the age of 24. An accomplished marathoner, Margaret led the GBTC women to a team victory at the 2004 Boston Marathon. GBTC established the Margaret Bradley Award in honor of Margaret. The intent of the award is to select one GBTC female runner annually to compete in a domestic event of her choosing for which GBTC will cover some or all of the expenses. The selected recipient must be a club member in good standing who shares Margaret’s enthusiasm and dedication toward both personal and team goals.