Wingfoot Express, November 1995

Twenty Years & Still Running

The Wingfoot Express

Newsletter of the Greater Boston Track Club
November 1995

Table of Contents:

GBTC Masters Women’s Team Win Loons

The Lake Winnipesaukee Relay — 9/16/95
Sandy Miller

This was NEARLY the year that the GBTC masters women could not field a team for Lake Winnipesaukee. However, due to some extreme last minute scrambling, we did defend our title (with a little help from our friends) and once again ran to a first place masters’ division relay finish. Time: 8 hours and 23 minutes (a 25 minute improvement over our winning time in 1994).

This 69 mile (more or less) race is always a challenge. The perennial problem IS fielding a team of 8 women. Due to conflicts in schedules or injury, we were short by 2 women as of Thursday before the race. Dottie Fine contacted dozens of members or former members or friends in an effort to fill holes in the line-up. Dick Nickerson, disturbed that we would not be able to defend our title for the 5th year, also began calling friends, former friends, friends of friends, etc., etc. Thursday evening, just as we were giving up hope, Dick called with two additions to the roster … our own Judy Pruitt and Joanne Morris of the L. Street Running Club. I have no idea what Dick had to do to persuade them to help us, but we are most grateful.

The team consisted of (in order of running):

        Judy Romvos - 10.7 mi.
        Kay McDonald - 11 mi.
        Nancy Clark - 11 or 10? mi. (listed as 11, but it was shorter)
        Judy Pruitt - 3.5 mi.
        Joanne Morris - 10.8 mi.
        Sandy Miller - 6.4 mi.
        Pam Duckworth - 8.5 mi.
        Dottie Fine - 4.4 mi.

The weather on Saturday was nearly perfect … cool and clear, with a slight headwind, depending on which leg you were running.

Judy Romvos ran a great lead off leg for us in 80 minutes (I’m grateful that I did not have to run that leg again!).

Kay McDonald knocked 30 seconds off her time from last year for leg 2 and handed off to Nancy Clark. Kay and I had become water supply crew for our team.

Nancy Clark gets the vote for the most unusual request during a race … she asked us if we had any bagels (we didn’t, as our shocked expressions must have conveyed). She had to settle for Gatorade. Nancy ran an excellent race (I wish Gatorade did that for me!) and handed off to Judy Pruitt.

Judy Pruitt was running very well when we stopped to give her water, but informed us that her leg was not flat, as someone had promised (no, but at least it really was 3.5 miles, not longer!). Judy handed off to Joanne Morris.

We are grateful to Joanne Morris, a member of the L Street Runners, for her able assistance! She hopes to field a masters women’s team to compete against us next year. We hope so, and welcome to the competition.

Joanne handed off to me at Morgan Farm, so that I could run the “easy” 6.4 leg (which it was comparatively speaking) … I survived to hand off to Pam Duckworth, who steamed (the day had warmed up by this time) through her relatively mountainous leg.

Dottie Fine had earned the “glory” (or was it “gory”?) anchor leg … only two little hills and an uphill finish. Pam, Dottie and I had rearranged who would run which of the last three legs … Dottie is the best on hills, having run Mount Washington more than once (so, she must like hills?). If you have been there, you know that I have greatly minimized the degree of difficulty on the anchor leg … Dottie ran an excellent finish for our team.

Speaking of finishes … the food this year was an improvement over past years. It is too much work to organize a barbecue after running all day. The lasagna and salad approach was both tasty and quicker. Thanks to Margaret Fitzgerald, who DESPITE not being able to make the trip, had cooked up quantities of lasagna for the teams. AND the L Street Runners demonstrated that they do know how to party … next year we should get some of the other clubs to join us as well!

Running Shorts

… a few words from the editor, Bruce Bond

A reminder, if you have an Internet email address, please forward it to Karl Hoyt for the membership records. These will then be provided to Mark Tuttle for inclusion in the GBTC Member list. Members have communicated about weekend runs, requested directions to races, posted notices on carpooling to races, and provided race results via email. Wingfoot materials are also being electronically forwarded to me. It has become very convenient (and entertaining). Also, when Tom publishes his workouts in advance, you have the option to become ill before arriving to practice!

While on the subject of the Internet, Mark Tuttle’s work for the club was complimented at the annual meeting. A note from Mark concerning our GBTC Web page. “The web page is accessed about 250 times each day, and generates about 5-10 email comments a day, and was selected as a “best of the web” source for information on running by one of the commercial service providers. Imitation is the ultimate form of flattery: many clubs start their web pages by “stealing” ours and posting it as their own after making some modifications (with no credit to us, of course, there is no honor among thieves).” The GBTC web page can be found at

If you’ve ever dropped a rock off a precipice and heard it clattering for fifteen seconds as it bounced down the slope, that is the sound Heidi Wallis made at camp this summer. See Bill Durette’s wrap-up on camp. It was a thriller.

Karl Hoyt reported on a short note received from Caleb Shulman: “How’s it going? Is there lots of excitement about the Boston Marathon? I wish I could go but it looks “iffy” because of school. I’ll try though. School’s is excellent, really exciting and interesting. Hope all is well, say Hello to everyone for me, please. Caleb” (Editors note: Caleb is attending sign language school to become a translator for hearing impaired.)

If you plan to run in the National Cross Country Championships on December 3, at Franklin Park, get your entry in early! Received prior to November 27, the fee is $15. Received after November 27 and before December 2, the fee is $25!

We haven’t finished the cross country season and our attention is being turned to indoor track. The preliminary schedule from New England Runner is included. For those who have never raced indoors, you should give it a try at the GBTC Invitational on January 21.

Thank you to Jon Berit, Nancy Clark, Tom Derderian, Bill Durette, Karl Hoyt, and Sandy Miller for their contributions to the Wingfoot. I also want to thank Ruth Toms, a nonmember, for contributing her desktop publishing skills to the last three editions. Ruth is relocating to Dallas. I wish her well. (Who in the club is desktop publishing proficient? Please let me know.)

Please get all material for the next Wingfoot to me by January 16.

Welcome New Members

Dwight Smith Boston MO
Matt Flinders Burlington MO
Doug Delaney Arlington MO
Brian Hare Boston MO
Joyce Dendy Watertown FO
Sarah Tabbutt Newton FO
Sherman Wallen Newton MO
Sami Karam Cambridge MO
Tom Beland Boston MM
Michael Munnelly Brighton MO
Maria Lewis Weston FO
Ted Bowen Jamaica Plain MO
Rebeca Fernandez Cambridge FO
Lenia Ascenso Gloucester FO
Christine Fournier Cambridge FO
Lisa Anastaz Cambridge FO
Barbara Gold Newton FO

President’s Column

Bruce Bond

For those of you who don’t know, a new board of directors was elected at the annual meeting. Your new directors are myself, Susan Richards (vice president), Jim O’Brien (treasurer), Sandy Miller (secretary), Lenia Ascenso, and Bill Newsham. We have a lot of new faces on the board, with only Jim and me accepting nomination for a repeat year. The make-up is much different then last year. We have an even gender split and have representation from the men’s and women’s open and masters teams. I would like to thank the members of the last board and the present board for being concerned enough about the club to contribute their time and energy. This organization is run by volunteers and the board members are among those in the lead pack. The track club could not exist without these efforts.

Last year the board had many challenges to overcome. They had to find replacement czars for the Wingfoot (and are still looking), Lake Winnipesaukee Relays, long-run schedule management, and it seems like a number of other areas. The first year with three coaches was completed, our practice evening was shifted, an additional practice evening was added, the Heart & Sole date and distance were changed, and an attempt to secure outside sponsorship was begun. Changes are not always liked and may be frustrating to some, but are healthy and necessary for growth and survival.

This year there will be an attempt to smooth the bumps those changes created, and provide members with the basic services characteristic of our club. That’s a two-way street, and we will be asking you for help and feedback. We have already made one change. The Thursday night practices have not been well attended, and we’ve asked Jon Berit to return to the Wednesday night venue for our members who could not make Tuesday or Thursday. This will begin with the move indoors. For those of you who looked to the indoor season to begin two track workouts, perhaps informal groups can be formed on other nights.

Also, Jim O’Brien has reverted to January for the GBTC Invitational. He will be needing volunteers to work the meet. Please do your part.

We are in the process of manufacturing new uniforms. If you have not attended practice recently and signed up for a new racing uniform on our master list please, do so with the order form on the last page.

We invite all to the holiday party on December 17 at the Elliott Lounge. Although we tried for a Saturday night, they were booked. Nonetheless, since this runner’s landmark is scheduled to close, we wanted to have at least one more visit. Please mark you calendar!

Board of Directors

President Bruce Bond (617) 275.4982
Vice President Susan Richards (617) 437.6557
Treasurer Jim O’Brien (617) 282.5537
Clerk Sandy Miller (617) 923.0745
Board Member Lenia Ascenso (508) 283.2647
Board Member Bill Newsham (508) 785.8038

Running Camp `95 Review

Bill Durette

Camp for many evokes memories of childhood. The experience of separation from loved ones and familiar surroundings and the prospect of facing a daily regiment of toilsome tasks in the unpleasant outdoors. Just when you thought you were over all that, the GBTC running camp rears its ugly head inviting you to relive the past.

Like all camp promoters we tried to entice you with promises, suggesting how much fun it will be, the new friends you will make and wonderful experiences to be shared in the great outdoors that you will treasure for a lifetime. I personally recall making a sales pitch that included a description of a sixty foot waterfall, acres of trails through the pristine state forest, and the abundant wild life we were likely to see including: deer, bear and bobcats. And what was the typical response: how many bath rooms are there; is this place clean; how much does it cost; are you going to make us run a lot? Oh, well.

On the weekend of August 25, 26 we completed another successful camp weekend in Chester, Massachusetts in the foothills of the Berkshires. This year, same as last, we did not lose anyone, but we almost did. Saturday afternoon we were doing a repeat hill workout in the Chester-Blanford State Forest along a steep dirt road that drops off precipitously at the margin affording a beautiful view of a waterfall across a deep valley.

Heidi Wallis was running along the edge of the road to avoid loose gravel in the center and she fell in a hole and almost went over the side into the ravine. If you saw the movie The Fugitive; remember when Harrison Ford jumped from the dam to get away from Tommy Lee Jones, it was just like that, sort of. Aside from reopening scabs on her knees from a fall the week before and reliving her life in a couple of seconds, Heidi was fine.

Which brings me to some advice for those who coach, or plan to, in the future. If you see that one of your runners has cuts and bruises, ask them what happened, but make sure you keep an eye on them, assess their chances and point out safe routes if available. When I am driving, I always give cars with lots of dents and dings plenty of room in case bad fortune strikes again.

As an aside, for those of you who did not know, Heidi was married on October 21 and moved to Arizona. Heidi did not inform many of us of her plans because it was as big a surprise to her as it was to us. A fellow she had dated for a number of years who was living in Arizona proposed and thus unalterably intervened in our cross country season. If anyone else is planning to get married please check with the coaches so we can look at the race schedule before you accept. When we get Heidi’s address we will pass it along.

Back to camp. The weather was good and the scenery lovely. Our long run on Sunday had a most agreeable diversity, starting off in a portion of the forest that was like a wilderness and then rolling along through the suburbs, farms and fields of Blanford. I trailed the group by auto to watch for bears which are guide Neil Toomey assured us were shy but fairly common in this neck of the woods. We did not see any bears, however, Sherm Wallis spotted a large Great Horned Owl sitting on a tree limb in a dark patch of forest which we able to get fairly close to.

The food was a highlight of the weekend as it was last year. Adding more flavor to this year’s menu, Carles Serra-Pages, who by the way claims he can not cook, made a delicious pieta and Spanish omelets that were superb. Some of the other offerings were blueberry pancakes, barbecued chicken and other delectables. All this, food and accommodations was only fifty dollars per person.

Karl Hoyt and Paul Debitetto who had their mountain bikes along made an assault on a six hundred meter hill across the road from the house where we stayed, but I do not know if they made it to the top. They disappeared into the woods and I did not see them for some time. After the weekend I went with my family to Great Barrington for the afternoon, others went to Tanglewood, Lee and Lenox to soak in the refined ambiance of the Berkshires

All things considered, it was a pleasurable weekend for running and socializing and I look forward to doing it again next year, perhaps at a location closer to Boston. If anyone has any suggestions or would like to help me plan the event, please let me know.

I especially want to thank Rosemary Phelan for her support of the weekend and for the conversations we shared about her commitment to her running which gives meaning to coaching and is a delightful pleasure.

Ski Weekend

A GBTC ski weekend is being planned for February 10-11. The date is firm, the location and pricing are still to be decided. Sunday River? Stowe? Elsewhere? The selection will have both cross country and downhill skiing. Please call Sandy Miller (617-923-0745) for additional details.

BAA Marathon Numbers

The GBTC was provided 10 complimentary numbers to next year’s 100th running of the BAA Marathon. The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the policy by which the numbers will be awarded.

All numbers will be made available to current members, in good standing (membership dues paid), who have not already attained the qualification standard for their gender/age.

Up to 5 numbers will be awarded based upon the individual’s level of commitment and overall contribution to the club. This includes hosting of long runs, volunteer efforts for GBTC’s road races and track meets, volunteer work at other road races and events for which GBTC is paid a stipend, fund raising/development of sponsorship, active representation of GBTC in the running community, participation on GBTC teams, GBTC committee work, seniority, recruiting of new members, other club service, and so forth.

The remaining numbers will be awarded by a lottery drawing.

If you are interested in being considered for a number, please send a note (postmarked by December 1) to:

        ATTN:  Numbers
        Greater Boston Track Club
        Post Office Box 183
        Back Bay Annex
        Boston, MA  02117-0183

or, deliver a note to any board member by Tuesday night, December 5.

Include a brief outline demonstrating your past/present commitment to the club to be considered for the first group. You need only provide your name for the lottery. Those not selected based on club service will be included as a lottery candidate. Letters must be

Winners will be announced at the Holiday party.

Holiday Party

The GBTC Holiday Party is on December 17, at the Elliott Lounge, beginning at 6 P.M.. Members are to bring a covered dish. Road Race Grand Prix awards and BAA Marathon Numbers drawing results will be announced.

The Athletes Kitchen
Holiday Food and Gluttony

Nancy Clark, MS, RD

“I can easily gain five pounds over the holidays. When I go home, my parents house is filled with cookies, candy, and lots of special holiday foods. I can’t resist the temptations!” … “My office at work overflows with special holiday treats. Too many clients bring in decadent goodies. I will partake, but I do have a love-hate relationship with December!” … “In one week, I’ll attend 2 work Christmas parties and 3 family holiday gatherings … I can’t imagine what these will do to my waistline…”

As the holiday season approaches, you, like many athletes, may be anxious about gaining weight. Of course you want to enjoy the season and partake at every opportunity to eat. After all, holidays come but once a year and who wants to miss a chance to enjoy special traditional foods? But you may also be concerned about the waistline damage that often accompanies abandonment of standard dietary practices.

One approach to handling holiday eating can be found in the abundance of nutrition articles that teach you ways to make low fat cookies and fat-free gravies, serve crustless pie topped with nonfat frozen yogurt, or better yet, completely abstain from special treats. These suggestions are valid, but they discount the warmth of tradition. Do you really want to deny yourself of the traditional holiday favorite foods you’ve enjoyed since childhood? Doubtful.

So let’s take a look at the holidays from another perspective. What happens if you do jump in and truly over-indulge? What are the consequences of gluttony? Will a few decadent parties sabotage your weight forever? Here are some answers to the questions nutrition-conscious people commonly ask about holiday eating sprees.

Q. When I’m confronted with my favorite holiday foods, I tend to eat out-of-control. Should I not start to eat when I know I’ll have trouble stopping?

A. No; even the threat of abstinence can trigger overeating! At holidays, you are what I call last chance eating That is, you listen to the nagging voice inside your head that repeatedly whispers “Last chance to eat this treat … you’d better chow-down mow because soon you’ll be back on your standard (boring) diet and won’t be allowed to eat any more goodies.” Clearly, this type of thinking leads to over-eating problems.

To stop over-eating at holiday parties, stop denying yourself special foods. If you truly love, let’s say, holiday pie, you should eat it not only at holiday parties but also frequently throughout the year so it loses its appeal. What’s wrong with having a little pie every week? After all, even decadent foods can be balanced into an overall wholesome daily diet. Remember: there is a “diet portion” of any food. You can more easily be content with a diet portion if you know you’ll be having more of a favorite food in the near future.

Q. Before holiday parties, I try to eat lightly during the day so I’ll have more calories to spend at night. Good idea?

A. NO! If you skimp at breakfast and lunch to save up calories for an evening party, you will set the stage to overeat. By arriving at a party too hungry, you’ll fight an urgent physiological drive to eat and will succumb big-time! When people get too hungry, they care less about what and how much they eat; they simply end up eating to satisfy their overwhelming hunger.

One way to prevent holiday gluttony is to eat an appropriate breakfast and lunch — and even afternoon snack — so you arrive at a party with the ability to enjoy the people more than the food. You’ll have the energy you need to eat diet portions (one roll, not four; one dessert, not two) and will enjoy freedom from fighting the urge to overeat.

Q: If I overindulge at a party, will I quickly lose the weight that I quickly gain?

A: Yes, because most of the gain is water-weight. When you get on the scale in the morning after a gluttonous evening, you may weigh two to four pounds more than usual … a sign that you’ve “carbo-loaded” your muscles. For every one ounce of glycogen, you store about three ounces of water. You’ll shed this water-weight when you exercise. (Note: When exercising, you’ll feel the benefits of holiday gluttony — well-fueled muscles and a great post-party workout … assuming no counter-effect from too much alcohol!)

If you are destined to overeat, your best bet is to choose more carbohydrates than fats. You’ll preferentially burn the carbs while the excess calories from fat will easily get stored as body fat. But keep in perspective that I pound of fat equals 3,500 excess calories above your normal intake. That’s the whole cheesecake, not just one slice!

Q: Should I exercise more on Sunday if I overeat at a Saturday party?

A: Yes, and no. Extra exercise is a good way to burn off extra calories as long as you exercise appropriately and don’t punish yourself to the point of injury or exhaustion. People tend to gain excess body fat with repeated days of overeating, not just one spree. After a spree, you’ll simply be less hungry and will naturally tend to eat less — if you listen to your body. (Note: You may feel an initial hunger the next morning, but you can easily satisfy it.)

Nature does a fine job of regulating food intake and body weight in people who generally follow their body’s cues and eat when they are hungry and stop when they are content. One or two aberrations will not create obesity in anyone. But do you enjoy feeling like a stuffed pig? Is gluttony worth it?

Annual Meeting

Approximately 35 members attended the GBTC Annual Meeting on Wednesday evening, October 18th.

Mike Turmala provided a review of the year’s activities highlighting an increase in membership, a close to break-even financial year, the integration of the third coach, the sponsorship of three successful events (indoor track, outdoor track, and road race) and the continuing need for members to be active volunteers in the club. He emphasized that the club lost money on its ski trip, which resulted in a policy that our extracurricular events require deposits in order to have commitments from members for planning.

Jennifer Weaver provided the club’s finances in greater detail. The club had revenue of $19,447 and expenses totaling $21,949. Primary receipts are from the GBTC Invitational (indoor track meet) and the Heart & Sole roadrace. Almost all our 1994-95 events (GBTC Invitational, Heart & Sole, GBTC Relays [outdoor track meet], Running Camp, and Lake Winnipesaukee Relays), were non-income generating where the expenses equaled the revenue. Major non-event costs are the coaches’ salaries and the Wingfoot Express. In order to cover these expenses, cash is predominantly generated by membership dues and volunteer efforts at local running events. In addition, we have added a member “gift” option to our renewal form for those who feel they can contribute more than the standard $35 fee. Provided the club obtains receivables from the Sheraton Needham, our major sponsor for the Heart & Sole, and a check for our volunteer work at the Corporate Challenge, the clubs cash position will be close to $3300. This was the amount of cash at the beginning of this board’s term.

A presentation was given by Sarah Rankin on new GBTC racing uniforms, including singlets and shorts/briefs that will incorporate our new logo used on the GBTC banner and stationery. The basic colors will continue to build on our red top/black bottom hallmark, but will be significantly modernized. The fabrics employed will also be more breathable than our current nylon singlets.

Jim O’Brien and Mike Turmala provided reports on the GBTC Invitational and the Heart & Sole, respectively. Mike also reported on the GBTC Relays for Jim Rattray, who could not attend due to a conflict with work.

Jon Berit and Bill Durette provided coaches’ reports and awards. Tom Derderian had a schedule conflict. Jon recognized Jim Robinson and Julie Donahoe as the club’s outstanding T&F athletes, based on track times and performance tables to quantify and relate times among different events. Bill recognized Jennifer as the clubs best female runner, and Katherine Simshauser as the most improved woman on the team.

The election was held for board members. The new board is composed of Lenia Ascenso, Bruce Bond, Sandy Miller, Bill Newsham, Jim O’Brien, and Susan Richards. The general membership empowered the new board to be able to implement a method for board continuity, such as by having staggered multi-year terms or by having a president-elect.

The formal meeting was adjourned, and many stopped in the Thirsty Ear Pub to socialize.

GBTC Invitational

Support the GBTC! Volunteers are needed on January 21 (both morning and afternoon) for the GBTC Invitational, held at Harvard University. There will be a sign-up sheet at practice. For those of you who cannot attend practice, please leave a message with Jim O’Brien at 617-282-5537.

Indoor Track Begins

There never seems to be enough time. We’re not even through cross country and indoor track is starting. The first meet to remember is the GBTC Invitational on January 21. We need everyone as a volunteer to work at the meet. This is a Big Time Event, and it is important and pleasing to do a stellar job. We also would like to have a good showing of athletes in quantity and quality. You can both work and run! And, if you think running indoors is fun, you can do a lot more. Following is a preliminary schedule from New England Runner for the indoor season.


  • 2: Brown University Open, Providence, RI, Bob Rothenberg, 401-863-2054
  • 9: Harvard Open, Limited Entry, Boston, MA, 617-495-2218
  • 9: Brown University All-Comers, Providence, RI, 401-863-2054
  • 17: Brandeis Open, Waltham, MA, Bruce Bickford, 617-647-3630
  • 20: Brown Developmental Meet, Providence, RI, 401-863-2054
  • 27: Brown Developmental Meet, Providence, RI, 401-863-2054


  • 3: Brown Developmental Meet, Providence, RI, 401-863-2054
  • 5: Dartmouth Relays, Masters (30+), Hanover, NH, Carl Wallin, 603-646-2848
  • 7: Dartmouth Relays, Open, Hanover, NH, Carl Wallin, 603-646-2848
  • 14: Brown Masters Meet (30+), Providence, RI, Neil Steinberg, 401-278-3416
  • 20: Commonwealth Invitational, Qualifying Standards, Harvard University, Bill Clark, 617-647-1221
  • 21: GBTC Invitational, Harvard University, Boston, MA, Jim O’Brien, 617-282-5537
  • 27-28: Boston University Terrier Classic, Boston, MA, Pete Schuder, 617-353-2911 or 6477


  • 4: Alden Invitational/USATF-NE Championship, Brown University, Providence, RI, 617-566-7600
  • 10: BU Valentines Open Meet, Boston University, 617-353-2911
  • 18: 13th Annual “Boston vs. NY” Club Dual Meet, Boston University, USATF-NE, 617-566-7600
  • 25: Maine USATF Championship/Open, Brunswick, ME, 207-443-6171 or 207-224-8240


  • 1-2: USATF National Indoor Championships, Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA
  • 17: Eastern Masters (30+) Meet, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, USATF-NE, 617-566-7600
  • 23-24: Masters (30+) Nationals, Greenville, NC

Training Indoors at MIT

We will be moving to MIT’s indoor track beginning on November 21. Passes cost $40 per evening, and can be purchased at the Dupont Gym equipment desk between 7am and 4pm. In the past, passes could be purchased in the early evening. If you have difficulty purchasing a pass during MIT’s hours, tell your coaches. The board will try to see if we can organize a mass procurement. Remember, practices will be held on Tuesdays (Bill and Tom) and Wednesdays (Jon).

Why Running Indoor Track is Better than Cross Country

Sandy Miller

Having been enlisted/coerced into running cross country at Franklin Park (yes, so we could have a team) and having spent the winter on the indoor track, I must share my insights. So, here is my list of why indoor track is better than cross country:

  • No hills (banked tracks don’t count)
  • You never get lost on the indoor track (even if you would prefer that to happen … usually in a 5K)
  • No hay bales (why bother? Cross country hurts anyway!)
  • Lots of distractions from the pain of your event (love those field events!)
  • No danger of losing your spikes in a mud puddle
  • You don’t get anywhere near as dirty on the indoor track
  • No weather extremes (unless we are talking Tuft’s indoor track)
  • More spectators (a drawback if you would rather forget a bad performance)
  • No port-a-johns (I definitely prefer indoor plumbing)

Sunday Long Run Schedule

Date Host Location Telephone Distance
11/19/95 Pam Duckworth Brookline 617-738-1339 5-20 m
11/26/95 Bob Ward Brookline 617-566-1734 6-18 m
12/03/95 Open
XC Nationals Franklin Park
12/10/95 Dick Nickerson West Newton 617-965-3837 Open
12/17/95 Open
12/24/95 Happy Holidays
12/31/95 Open
01/07/96 Dave Emery Waltham 508-623-1076 12-20 m
01/14/96 Karen Crounse Brookline 617-783-9231 15-20 m
01/21/96 Bill Durette Belmont 617-484-9262 15-20 m
GBTC Invitational Harvard University
01/28/96 Brian Hare Boston 617-262-8277 15-20 m


  1. Please contact Dave Emery at 617-894-1408 (H) or 508-623-1075 (W) to volunteer for one of the “Open” dates, to volunteer for the schedule, or with any questions/suggestions you might have regarding this schedule.
  2. Also, we need hosts for the Sunday Long Runs during the months of February – April `96.
  3. All Sunday Runs are slated to start at 9 A.M.
  4. If you attend the long run on January 21, please volunteer for afternoon work at the GBTC Invitational.

Cross Country Results

Reebok Euro-Style 3x3K Relay

Tom Derderian
Franklin Park
September 09

Elaine Christy was brilliant! She ran the race of her life in the middle leg of the 3x3km Euro-style cross country race in Frankin Park in Boston. Christy, Jennifer Weaver, who furiously took the race out, and Sue Roelofs, who kicked past a Liberty AC runner, took second place in the open division and third overall. The women’s second team of Katherine Sinshauser, Margret Fitzgerald and Karen Crounse ran past many college teams. There were 24 women’s teams.

The men’s open team of John Bowser, Tom Cotter, and Bill Newsham placed 9th over all and third open. A total of 5 GBTC mens teams competed. Full results follow. There were 35 men’s teams.

Results from Euro-Cross Sept 9th 1995 Franklin Park

GBTC A team -- 31:25 -- 3rd place women (2nd open)
Jennifer Weaver  9:50  (3rd fastest time  --  9:48 was fastest)
Elaine Christy  11:01
Sue Roelofs     10:34
GBTC B team -- 36:05 -- 16th place women (8th open)
Karen Crounse         11:30
Margaret Fitzgerald   11:42
Katherine Shimshauser 12:53

GBTC Mens teams (Official team times appeared to have been off by one place. Times in parentheses are unofficial, but match participants’ times.)

John Bowser      8:52
Tom Cotter       9:09
Bill Newsham     9:06  (8:51)
27:07 (26:52) 9th?, 3rd place open
Ron Spangler     9:28 
Dan Hernandez    9:24 
Tony Patt        9:05 (9:01)
27:55 (27:51) 15th?
Doug Burdi       9:23 
Mike Urquiola    9:52 
Bruce Bond       9:52 (9:34)
29:07 (28:51) 22nd?
Karl Hoyt       10:10 
Jack Burke       9:37 
Bill Wright     10:23 (10:19)
30:10 (30:06) 27th?
Chris Hussey     9:13 
Bill Caldwell   11:58 
Jon Berit       11:07 (10:15)
32:18 (31:26) 32nd?
also,  Dan Oberlander 10:25

Yankee Runner 5k

Tom Derderian
Governor Dummer Academy, Byfield, MA
September 24

The Greater Boston Men’s team won the Governor Dummer cross country race defeating the NEAC team, North Shore Striders, and Winner’s Circle. Our John Bowser and Ron Spangler fell down. They wore their mud well. The Greater Boston women could not field a full team after Jennifer Weaver was disqualified for running off the coarse. Its too bad. The womens’ team would have been victorious!

 4. Bill Newsham     16:41
 7. John Bowser      16:47
 8. Andy Rogovin     17:00
23. Ron Spangler     18:02
30. Mike Urquolia    18:27
32. Rezwan Rahman    18:32
36. Jack Burke       18:51
37. Dan Oberlander   19:00
38. Jon Berit        19:02
68 finishers

In the Masters race

 9. Bruce Bond       18:32

Women’s race

1. Lynn Jennings, NIKE  16:55
2. Jennifer Weaver      19:05 DSQ'd with three others for running off the course.
6. Lenia Ascenso        19:37
9. Sarah Rankin         21:25

Franklin Park XC 5017m

Jon Berit
10/1/95 — 81 Finishers

16. Andy Rogovin        16:22.0
21. Chris Hussey        17:09.0
29. Jon Berit           18:23.1
34. Karl Hoyt           18:46.7
68. Bill ?              22:41.8

Franklin Park XC 5017m

Jon Berit

16. Dan Oberlander      18:15
19. Jon Berit           18:34
22. Karl Hoyt           19:19

Brooksby Farm 2.5 / 5 Mile

Peabody, MA
October 14

Men win. Women fail to field team.

 4. Bill Newsham 	28:26
 7. Andy Rogovin 	29:09
 9. Chris Hussey 	29:20
11. Eamonn Browne       30:03
12. Ron Spangler        30:09
17. Bruce Bond 		30:29
23. Jack Burke          31:07
28. Jon Berit           32:12

Boston’s Mayor’s Cup

Tom Derderian
(Reebok USA Grand Prix Event)
Franklin Park
October 22

The Mayor was not present, but the New England Cross-Country Grand Prix leading team, the GBTC men, was. The team continues its lead in the USATF-NE cross country grand prix. There were 196 starters; 37 runners ran under 5 mins per mile.

        Event 1 Men's 8,000 Meter Cross Country (7935M) 

PLACE   NAME            AGE       TIME          SCORE
 59     John Bowser      23     25:44.0         38
104     Thomas Cotter    34     27:06.3         55
114     Chris Hussey     33     27:22.0         61
115     Eamonn Browne    33     27:29.0         62
125     Doug Burdi       33     27:55.0         67
135     Ron Spangler     31     28:23.0         72
138     Bruce Bond       43     28:34.0         =
152     Jack Burke       29     29:01.0         78
162     Dan Oberlander   35     29:51.0         =
165     Karl Hoyt        38     30:05.0         =
172     Jon Berit        37     31:39.0         =
180     Matt Flinders    25     31:59.0         =
187     Dick Nickerson   55     34:15.0         =
10 Greater Boston TC         283   (38   55   61   62   67   72   78)   
(4th New England club)
        Event 2 Women's 5,000 Meter Cross Country (5017M)

PLACE   NAME            AGE       TIME          SCORE
38      Sarah Tabbutt   31        19:00.4       22
45      Lenia Ascenso   22        19:24.0       26
54      Elaine Christy  32        20:10.0       30
64      Sarah Rankin    36        20:51.0       36
81      Cynthia Hastings          22:58.0       40
6 Greater Boston TC         154   (22   26   30   36   40)

HFC Striders 5K Tune-up

Tom Derderian
Middlesex Fells
October 29

Breezy fall day, some mud, one big puddle. At Sheepfold, Middlesex Fells, Stoneham, MA

By one point the Greater Boston Track Club Men’s cross country team defeated the Cambridge Sports Union’s 68 to 69. A team called Pelham from New Hampshire placed 3rd with 87 pts, the host club HFC 4th with 138 and North Shore Striders 5th with 155. So the GBTC men continue their lead in the New England Grand Prix. The men swooped out to their victory like mujahedin in a holy sea of red.

Our women could not muster a team. It must be something I (Tom D.) said? Dunno. We miss them.

The results:

 5. John Bowser   GBTC 16:11
13. Andy Rogovin  GBTC 16:43
15. Chris Hussey  GBTC 16:47 Great Race!
17. Bill Newsham  GBTC 16:53 (Had bubonic plague but ran for the team...good thing, too.)
18. Tom Cotter    GBTC 16:55
19. Eamon Browne  GBTC 17:04
33. Ron Spengler  GBTC 17:39
37. Bruce Bond    GBTC 17:50
40. Jack Burke    GBTC 17:57
    Karl Hoyt     GBTC 18:20 
    Chuck Fergerson GBTC 18:41 
    Cynthia Hastings lone GBTC woman 22:57

Noble & Greenough 5K

Ron Spangler
Dedham, MA
November 5 The course was pleasant, though the consensus was that it was more difficult than the Fells course run the previous week. It featured one extremely steep 50m hill and another longer but more gentle rise. The wooded loops tended to difficult footing thanks to tangles of tree roots, but none of the guys in red performed the old horrendous faceplant. The weather was just lovely, thank you.

In team scoring, the GBTC team (4-man teams, declared prior to race) was second to CMS. No GBTC women were seen on the course. It must have been something Tom said.

16. Eamonn Browne       GBTC    17:24
17. Ron Spangler        GBTC    17:27
29. Jack Burke          GBTC    18:04
39. Karl Hoyt           GBTC    18:40
40. Dan Oberlander      GBTC    18:47

Road Race Results

Lake Winipesaukee Results listed by team, leg time, and rank within each leg according to received results. There are known errors in some of the legs according to athletes involved. 125 teams finished.

MIXED A 20th 6:51:16 @6:14

1. 75:43        65th H. Wallis
2. 71:30        40th K. Crounse
3. 57:30        10th D. Burdi
4. 25:18        53rd G. Dionesotes
5. 61:36         8th B. Newsham
6. 41:34        10th J. Berit (incorrect time)
7. 46:53        7th  E. Browne (incorrect time)
8. 31:12        38th H. Wallis

OPEN MEN 52nd 7:45:53@7:04

1. 80:16        86th R. Jones
2. 79:07        64th M. Coleman
3. 62:57        30th D. Oberlander
4. 25:22        55th C. Serra-Pages
5. 74:09        47th P. Dibitetto
6. 47:10        42nd B. Wright
7. 54:55        36th B. Wright
8. 41:57       112th J. O'Brien

MASTERS WOMEN 79th (1st in division) 8:23:07@7:38

1. 80:48        88th J. Romvos
2. 85:57        90th K. McDonald
3. 74:52        39th N. Clark
4. 27:10        75th J. Pruitt
5. 83:03        84th J. Morris
6. NT                S. Miller
7. NT                P. Duckworth these 2 legs add up to 1:56:22
8. 34:55        71st D. Fine

MASTERS MEN 58th 7:58:26@7:16

1. 85:18       101st B. Ward
2. 84:53        87th F. Monkiewicz
3. 60:34        16th B. Bond
4. 23:27        33rd B. Caldwell
5. 79:06        67th D. Nickerson
6. 45:56        36th B. Durette
7. 62:40        77th J. Devine
8. 36:32        85th J. McCusker

Recent Road Race results forwarded to me, found in the newspaper, or found in NE Runner magazine:

 7/13 8th Annual Sugar Bowl 5M 
      Claire McManus 32:55 6th
 8/12 Chilmark 5K
      Bill Newsham 16:25 2nd
 8/23 Lynn Woods 
      Bill Newsham (4X2.5 XC) 59:25 7th "team" 
 8/27 Glover 8K, Needham 
      Bill Newsham 26:38 2nd
 9/ 2 Fresh Pond 2.5 
      Bill Newsham 12:33 1st PR
 9/ 3 1st Annual Brewery Exchange Classic 5K, Lowell 
      Jim St.Pierre 17:03 8th
 9/ 4 Walpole 10K 
      Bill Newsham 33:18 1st
      Chris Hussey 35:26 11th
 9/17 "Doc" Linskey 5M
      Tom Cotter 27:10, 9th
 9/17 10K in Quincy 
      Mike Urquioli 37:50 11th 
10/ 7 The Muse Columbus Day 1/2 Marathon, Nantucket
      Bill Newsham 1:15:57 2nd
10/09 Tufts Health Plan for Women
      Sarah Tabutt 37:14 26th
      Claire McManus 38:40 40th
10/14 Bambino's 5K, Waltham 
      Wendy Newsham 24:42
10/21 Arthur Tudhope 10K, Shelburne, VT 
      Bill Newsham 34:06 1st
11/ 4 Upton 5 Mile
      Bill Newsham 26:39 1st