Wingfoot Express, July 1995

GBTC Newsletter
July 1995

Table of Contents:

Coach’s news

From Tom Derderian

My plan is to deliver as many distance runners as strong and as fit as possible for the Grand Prix road-race series (next is Newburyport 10 miles on Aug 1) and the beginning of the cross country season in September. To do that I have selected a system of training that will customize training to each athletes’ current ability and avoid the dangers of over training by trying to stay with the top runners or lost opportunity by training with slower runners. The basis for these workouts is the establishment of benchmark workouts to assign membership in a training group based on a physiological measurement rather than the coach’s opinion or the athlete’s hopes. If you have not been tested to find your training group call me.

Velocity V02Max, (or vV02Max) for Greater Boston Track Club members established on January 4, 1995 at the MIT indoor 200 meter track and again on March 22. The next MAX tests will be on July 10 and July 17.

Protocol a la Veronique [Veronique Billat, Paris, France (a French exercise physiologist from whom I stole this scheme)] for the Aug 8 test will be as follows: 2 minute increments of pace per 200 meters following a progression: 100, 85, 74, 65, 59, 54, 50, 46, 43, 40, 38, 36, 34.5, 33, 31.5 seconds per 200 meters.

The second test is to determine time-V02Max or tVO2Max. We want to find out how long each runner can last running exactly at his or her vV02Max. To be performed on Aug 15 at MIT. These tests will be for those who have not been tested.

If you have not established a vV02Max and you want to get a test, call me. Tom Derderian 846-2902.

These two measurements determine first the speed at which your running muscles consume their maximum amount of oxygen. The second number will be for how long your body can work at its maximum. That varies between 5 minutes to 15 minutes. Most will be about eight minutes.

Subsequent workouts will be based on these physiological limits. The tests will be repeated.

MIT track, Tuesdays 7pm In the second part of the V02 tests we obtained values that will allow us to establish benchmark workouts for club members. The time a runner ran we all tvV02 Max. That is the time at maximum volume of oxygen uptake the runner can survive. The benchmark workout is maximum velocity for half the maximum time repeated five times. These are the workouts around which other workouts can be designed as percentages faster and shorter or slower and longer. Some of the established benchmark workouts follow:

At a rate of 54 seconds per 200 meters

Jo-Ann Spera 5 x 2:42 @ 54sec/200m
Sandy Miller 5 x 4:32 @ 54sec/200m
Dotty Fine 5 x 6:19 @ 54sec/200m
Katherine Simshauser 5 x 1:55 @ 54sec/200

At at rate of 46 seconds per 200 meters

Cynthia Hastings 5 x 2:04 @ 46sec/200m
Jean Smith 5 x 2:40 @ 46 @ sec/200m
Lauri Gavender 5 x 2:00 @ 46sec/200m
Elaine Christy 5 x 2:15 @ 46sec/200m
Julie Wyman 5 x 2:00 @ 46sec/200m
Andy Mendelson 5 x 2:00 @ 46/200m

At a rate of 43 seconds per 200 meters

Jill Plump 5 x 2:09 @ 43sec/200m
Julie Donohue 5 x 3:13 @ 43/200m
Tom Younger 5 x 3:13 @ 43/200m
Rob Giddings 5 x 3:13 @ 43/200m
Sarah Rankin 5 x 3:33 @ 43/200m
Jennifer Weaver 5 x 3:33 @ 43/200m

40 seconds per 200 meters

Karl Hoyt 5 x 3:00 @ 40sec/200m
Bill Wright 5 x 3:00 @ 40sec/200m
Ron Spengler 5 x 4:00 @ 40/200m
Dave Sasek 5 x 400 @ 40/200
Chuck Fergerson 5 x 4:00 @ 40/200
John Gladstone 5 x 4:00 @ 40/200
Bruce Bond 5 x 5:00 @ 40/200m
Jack Burke 5 x 3:00 @ 40/200m
Mike Urquiola 5 x 3:00 @ 40/200m
Ann Bokman 5 x 3:00 @ 40/200m
Hugo Cortes 5 x 4:00 @ 40/200m

38 seconds per 200 meters

Andy Rogovin 5 x 4:30 @ 38sec/200m
Chris Hussy 5 x 4:00 @ 38/200m
Doug Burdi 5 x 4:00 @ 38/200m
Dan Hernandez 5 x 4:00 @ 38/200m

36 seconds per 200 meters

Tom Cotter 5 x 2:00 @ 36sec/200m
Jim St. Pierre 5 x 3:15 @ 36sec/200m
John Bowser 5 x 4:48 @ 36sec/200m
Bill Newsham 5 x 4:48 @ 36/200m

The men in the last three groups will constitute our top team for cross country.

The rest interval is jogged at 75% of vVO2 max. Adjustments should be made to arrange for the groups to start together although they finish at different times. Those who run shorter intervals will have a longer rest so they might want to lengthen their intervals to compensate. The attempt here is to compromise between a precise interval for each individual and the benefits of training in a pacing group for each hard interval … because it is more fun to run hard together.

Your benchmark workout will be to run five times at your max pace for half of your max time. We will vary workouts as percentages above and below your benchmark.

Subsequent workouts will emphasis either endurance or speed around this center point of your personal fitness.

To be successful this program must include training on the other six days of the week. These workouts include: 1. Short, sharp, steep hills run at full speed for 30-40 seconds to build muscular strength. Do these from 5 to 25 times in a session. 2. Another day run four times ten minute pace sections at 80% of your max with five minute jog rests, this is a version of a tempo workout. Go for a long, 2 hours, slow run in the beautiful woods with pleasant company.

Tom Derderian, coach, Greater Boston Track Club, phone 617-846-2902, email for personal discussion. (It is impossible to talk at length to everyone at the Tuesday workout.)

Ten Mile Cross-country Relay Race

From Tom Derderian

I would like to form as many teams, men’s women’s mixed, for the Lynn Woods cross country relay on Wednesday, August 23rd at 6:00 at the Great Woods entrance to the Lynn Woods in Lynn, MA. Each leg is 2.5 miles and four runners form a team. This will be a great way to kick off the cross-country season. We can form our teams out of our training groups. See me to sign up.

Raffle Reminder

All stubs and collected money must be delivered to track on Tuesday evening, or mailed to the address on the stub for receipt no later than July 24th in order to make the August 3rd drawing.

Thanks to all those busy selling!

It’s GBTC Camp Time

“It is the running event of the year”, says Runner’s World of the GBTC Running Camp in the stunning Berkshire Hill town of Chester. Help us swell the population of this picturesque town to 2,020. Be there, as we are escorted along the scenic trails and dizzying heights of the Chester State Forest by our own native running guide Neil Toomey.

You will not want to miss a moment of the running seminars where you get the tools that will take your running up and over the top. Similar programs are offered at thousands of dollars, because you are a club member we are offering this amazing experience to you at the unbelievable price of just $50.00 per person and that includes everything …. pool, awesome waterfalls, overflowing trout streams, luxurious accommodations [Luxurious is a stretch, but the accommodations are nice], five star gourmet food, and oh, oh, so much more.

You must act quickly, space is limited. The first 30 people to get their money in will be guaranteed the running experience of a lifetime.


Yes, sign me up for the running experience of a life time!


Tel. Numbers:


I have enclosed $ for me and

Arrive in Chester Friday afternoon or evening Aug. 25 and leave anytime Sunday afternoon August 27th. Many people spend the afternoon at Tanglewood or one of the other attractions. Jacob’s Pillow is just down the street.

For information or if you would like to volunteer to help call Bill Durette at 617-484-9262.


Volunteers Needed!

We need every available member for help with this year’s race. Please contact Michael Turmala at 489-0953 or 354-3454 (days)

The Great Workout Night Dilemma

As many of you are already aware, we have moved the weekly track workouts to Tuesday nights, at 7:00 P.M.. Initially this was done in response to the mini track meets that were put on by U.S.A. Track & Field, on Wednesday nights in June. Most of our athletes seem to prefer Tuesday night as this enables them to get two quality workouts in each week (Tuesday & Thursday) along with a weekend race. We realize that some members will not be able to attend on Tuesday nights due to scheduling conflicts. We are also considering the possibility of having two organized workouts each week, on Tuesday and Thursday.

If you have an opinion or comment on this matter, please call the GBTC Hotline (617) 499-4844, and leave a message.