Sponsor GBTC

Greater Boston Track Club is seeking to establish a relationship with a sponsor that would enable us to continue the club’s long tradition of athletic excellence. GBTC is one of the 30 clubs nationwide that USA Track & Field has recognized as an Elite Development Club. In 2005 the GBTC men won the team competition at the Boston marathon, while our women’s team achieved the same feat in 2004. We also won the combined USATF National Track & Field Championships in 2005. The club has been in existence since 1973 and its members have included Olympic athletes as well as many others who compete seriously at the elite and sub-elite levels.

A potential sponsor would be thus able to associate the sponsor’s brand with a very successful and visible athletic team. We would be able to put the sponsor’s logo on club uniforms;  we could also promote the sponsor’s products on our website (www.gbtc.org), which receives an average of 30,000 “hits” per month.

GBTC participates in virtually every major running event in the New England area, particularly the USATF-New England Grand Prix races, major events such as the Boston Marathon, USATF-NE track & field championships, and many other road and track races. We also travel to national events such as the Penn Relays, the USATF Club Track & Field Championships and the National Club Cross Country championships. We are seen at races by runners and running fans ranging from recreational to elite athletes. We are occasionally represented at more elite events, such as the Boston Indoor Games and other top-level USATF track meets. The audience for these events is typically knowledgeable about and highly interested in track & field. Thus we believe we would offer excellent exposure to the sponsor.

We organize a major indoor track meet each year (the GBTC Invitational) which attracts around 2,000 athletes and fans of track and field.  We organize a major cross-country meet each year  (the GBTC XC Invite) which was in the New England USATF XC Grand Prix this past year.   Naming rights and other promotional opportunities for these events are available to a potential sponsor(s).

Advertising in our club newsletter, the Wingfoot, is also available.

GBTC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization; donations to the club are tax-deductible. We are willing to accept cash sponsorship and in-kind donations (e.g. athletic apparel, shoes, etc.). Please contact the club sponsor contact, Dan Hall (dhall05@gmail.com) for more information.