Bill Rodgers

Bill Rodgers

Boston College
Boston, Massachusetts
March, 1999

Bill Rodgers and the team (38412 bytes)

Legendary coach Bill Squires (blue jacket) and equally legendary marathoner Bill Rodgers (red shirt) were two of the founding members of the Greater Boston Track Club. Coach Squires organized the club at Boston College in 1973 for the purpose of training a small group of elite athletes, and lead the club through some of its most glorious years of running. In the 1979 Boston Marathon, Bill Rodgers, Bobby Hodge, Randy Thomas, and Dickie Mahoney finished in places one, three, eight, and ten. All were members of the Greater Boston Track Club, and all were trained by Coach Squires.

Surrounding them here are some of the club’s best distance runners today. From left to right are John Blouin, Jesse Darley, Bill Squires, Bill Rodgers, Coach Tom Derderian, Mark Reeder, Arnold Seto, with Hector Perez kneeling at the bottom. Rodgers and the team trained together from time to time in preparation for the 1999 Boston Marathon, and in fact Rodgers hooked up with Deon Barrett (not pictured here) and Hector Perez in the early miles of the marathon. Rodgers was preparing to set a new record in the masters division, and there was a nice interview with Rodgers about his experience on the Runner’s World web site. (Picture via Tom Derderian.)

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