2004 Cross Country National Club Championship

2004 Cross Country National Club Championship

December 4, 2004

Photo courtesy of Tom Derderian

Remembering Margaret Bradley at the 2004 Cross Country National Club Championships.
Front row: Kim Wiedman, Janeth Ohst, Carol Geddes, Katie Wasilenko, Melissa Nestel, Julie McGee, Kristyne McGuinn
Back row: Dot McMahan, Emily Hauer, Sloan Siegrist, Katie Famous, peeking.

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Coach Tom Derderain describe the meet in the following note to the club:

“We all brought mud back home. Oregon mud. Mud carried by the Columbia River down the Gorge from wild places like Yakima and Walla Walla. Mud from the trails and the horse track where the race ran. When the team members washed they left little alluvial deposits in the hotel bath tubs.

The course ran wholly within the Portland Meadows horse racing track but not on it. With no hills nearby the race committee constructed 4 six-foot high hills each a stride apart at the trough and 12 feet apart at the peaks. Actually they seemed to be the dumping of 4 large dump trucks. Some people called them moguls and others the petite tetons. So maybe it is no wonder that Melissa Leier Nestel with a background in downhill skiing and cross-country ski racing led our women’s team to 13th place. I think our women’s team has had a different leader in each race this season. Following Melissa came Sherida Bird who at the gun shot out across the sprinting field. Yarrow Monech chased her and Mary Siegrist out sprinted Jessica Blake. Oregon native, Katie Famous, ran in next Julie McGee and Carol Geddes followed. Our team placed 13th against 23 teams with their sister club, Universal Sole, beating them by one point. That is one place in the race. In fact in came down the 62 one hundreths of a second between Mary Siegrist and Universal Sole’s Kristyne McGuinn. Of course our team score would have been improved or hurt by any runner’s performance. Others GBTC runners missed that critical point by only .2 of a second. The big race made for a closeness in scores demonstrated by the fact that only 10 points separated the top three teams.

If anyone has records of all the National x-c championships we may know that this meet was the biggest, but no one does so we can only stake a claim. Forty one men’s teams came this year compared to 23 last year and 188 runners raced in Greensboro, But in Portland 348 men finished the race. Out ofd 41 teams out men placed 35th with 1006 points. That is surely the most any GBTC team ever scored. Too bad that in cross-country the LOW score wins.(the more in the race the higher the scores can be since they are based on the runner’s palce.) In 1981 GBTC won the x-c Nationals with the lowest score ever! Last year we finished 20th out of 13 teams.

Steve Pasche led the men with John Blouin in seconds followed by Kit Wells, John Fialkovich, and Bill Newsham. The race seemed more like a fight, In fact moments before the starter’s gun two runners reached into the muck and painted their faces with it as was scene in the movie Braveheart. Our minimally sized team fought well. Each man gave his all, just like in the movies.

On Sunday morning the team, not having had enough mud, ran for an hour and a half on a slick switch back trail stuck to side of the West Hills of Portland. Next year the championship is in Rochester, NY. I plan to bring three van loads of GBTC runners. Start training now and join this small band of brothers.

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We also have pictures from other club events.