Make a Payment to GBTC

Now you can pay track fees and other fees to GBTC with a credit card using PayPal.  Just click on PayPal’s “Pay Now” button below, enter the purpose and amount of the payment (eg, enter “Harvard track fee” and “50.00”), and your name and address.

If you are trying to pay your membership dues, please log in to your member profile and renew there. New members should fill out the new member application.

Another warning: Not all fees can be paid on-line.  For example, a coach putting together a team entry for a track meet might want to collect the entry fees from runners personally, and track fees for the Reggie Lewis track must be paid to Reggie Lewis and not to the club.  When in doubt, check with your coach before paying on-line.

It is essential that you give a meaningful description of the bill you are paying.