GBTC Picture of the Week

GBTC Pictures of the Week


GBTC’s Barry Phelps led the men’s masters team at the USATF New England Championships. (Photo by Rod Hemingway.)

Sara Donahue and Allison McCabe lead the women’s team to a second place finish at the Codfish Bowl cross country invitational. (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

Christy Bonstelle races in the New Bedford Half-Marathon

Christy Bonstelle races in the New Bedford Half-Marathon and is part of GBTC’s second-place women’s team. (Photo by Bruce Davie.)

Jenny Gardynski at BU Invitational

Jenny Gardynski toes the start of the distance medley relay at the BU Terrier Invitational. (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

2010 Invitational Mile winner

Legendary Coach Bill Squires and current Coach Dave Callum congratulate Stephanie Reilly for winning the 2010 Bill Squires Invitational Mile. (Photo by Coach Tom Derderian.)

Zandra Walton smiles to a 3:07 debut at the Bay State Marathon, where the GBTC women’s team clinched the USATF-NE Grand Prix series title! (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

Marybeth Baxter leads the women’s team at the Cape Ann 25K. (Photo by Krissy Kozlosky.)

Dan Smith rounds a corner at the Bridge of Flowers 10K on his way to a 32:53 finish. (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

Ryan McCarthy kicks off the outdoor track season by competing in the javelin throw at Brown University’s Springtime Invitational. (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

William Feldman and Timothy Stickney run the final miles of the Boston Marathon together, finishing in 2:41. (Photo by Emily Raymond.)

Indu Conley runs in the 400 meter race at the Greater Boston Track Club Invitational. (Photo by Emily Raymond)

GBTC’s Brian Beaulieu runs as part of the winning team at the Topsfield Cross Country Festival on Sunday, October 4, 2009. (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

Amelia Bishop helps the GBTC women to a strong finish at the Ollie 5-miler in South Boston. The women are leading the USATF-NE Grand Prix series. (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

Sherita Williams finished second in the long jump and triple jump events at USATF Club Nationals in New York City, helping the women’s team to a first-place finish. (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

Part of the winning track team at New Englands smiles for Coach Tom. (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

Gretchen Chick finished eighth place at the USATF-NE Rhody 5K Championships. GBTC placed two other women in the top ten, giving them second place at this race and the lead in the Grand Prix series. (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

David Bedoya runs to a solid 2:27 as he leads the men’s team to fourth place in the Boston Marathon. (Photo by Emily Raymond.)

GBTC’s Deanna Clark makes a splash in the 3,000-meter steeplechase at the Northeastern University Husky Spring Open. (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

Dan Smith and Robert Emond help the men’s team to a third place finish at the New Bedford Half Marathon. (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

GBTC’s Tara Vance runs to a 5K personal best of 18:30 at the BU Valentine Invitational. Vance is training for April’s Boston Marathon. (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

Andrew Wommack is on his way to a 50:36 win at the Great Stew Chase 15K on February 1. (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

Josett Pierre-Louis competed in the 200 and 400-meter sprints at the BU Terrier Invitational last weekend. (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

Sara Donahue leads teammates Jane Ovanin and Meghan Lynch in the 3K at the GBTC Invitational. Donahue finished in a club record-time of 9:48.2. (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

Sprint coach David Callum and GBTC President Bruce Davie get a shot with Greater Boston’s original coach, Bill Squires, at an indoor track meet at BU. (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

Jim Emord battles a cross-town rival at the USATF Club Nationals, held across the country in Spokane, Washington. (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

Rob Espinosa helps the team to a third-place finish at the Bad Boy Cross Country meet in historic Van Cortlandt Park. (Photo by Sue Pearsall at

Ryan Aschbrenner at the halfway point in the Bay State Marathon in the clutch of ferocious competition. (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

Sara Donahue runs to a 35:20 in the Tuft’s Health Plan 10K on Columbus Day. (Photo by Jim Rhoades.)

Former Princeton star Emily Kroshus helps the women’s team to victory at the Topsfield Cross Country Festival. (Photo by Junyong Pak.)

Sara Donahue, Megan Lynch, and Allison McCabe run the team to victory at the Codfish Bowl cross country meet. (Photo by Bruce Davie.)

Matt Haringa led the GBTC men’s cross country team at the Thomas Chamberas 6K on August 24. (Photo by Jim Rhoades.)

GBTC’s Allison McCabe battles New Balance’s Jess Minty (307) and Yvonne Mok (308) among others in the 1500 meter race at the third meet in the Boston High Performance Series. (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

Kibrom Temelso led a pack of red jerseys with his 15:25 performance in Saturday’s 5k at the Boston High Performance Series #2 track meet. (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

Theresa Kett, Jen Lee, Sara Donohue, Tara Vance, and Allison McCabe made up our third-place team at the USATF-NE 6K Championship. (Photo by Tom Derderian.)

GBTC’s Brennan Bonner, Kibrom Temelso, and David Bedoya work as a pack in the Boston Marathon, where the men’s team placed third. (Photo by Jim Rhoades.)

Sara Donahue (black singlet) runs to a 2:46:17 in Sunday’s Olympic Trials Marathon. (Photo by Emily Raymond.)

GBTC’s Brennan Bonner ran a 32:02 in the 10K in the outdoor track season’s first competition at Northeastern University. (Photo by Emily Raymond.)

Giannis Papadopoulos (221), Chris Smith (150), and Ted Breen at three miles in the Amherst 10 miler on February 24. (Photo by Hattie Derderian.)

Gretchen Chick and Laura Hayden pace together during the mile race at the competitive BU Valentine Invitational. (Photo by Emily Raymond.)

Allison McCabe led the BU Terrier Invitational’s 3k with a club record 9:50 performance. (Photo by Bruce Davie.)

Sara Donahue qualified for the Olympic Trials with her 2:43 performance in the California International Marathon.

GBTC’s Elizabeth Kelly helps the women’s team to a 16th place finish at the USATF Club Cross Country National meet in the muddy fields of Ohio. (Photo courtesy of Columbus Running Company.)

Allison McCabe and Marion Bihrle sprint toward the finish as part of the women’s winning team at the Bad Boy cross country race at Van Cortlandt Park on November 3. (Photo by Sue Pearsall.)

Giannis Papadopoulos placed fourth in a personal best 2:46:55 in the Bay State Marathon. (Photo courtesy of MarathonFoto.)

Junyong Pak led the GBTC men’s team at the Topsfield Cross Country Festival. (Photo by Bruce Davie.)

GBTC’s Bill Newsham and Allison McCabe run together in the Ollie 5-mile and finished under 30 minutes. The women’s team won the heated competition and the men finished fourth. (Photo by Scott Raymond.)

The GBTC women’s team was victorious at the Thomas Chamberas cross country 5k race, part of the USATF-NE Grand Prix XC series. From left to right, the team consisted of Paula Donovan, Liz Crowley, Laura Hayden, Elizabeth Eiseman, Cynthia Hastings, coach Tom Derderian, Wendy Newsham, and Emily Raymond. (Picture taken by a friendly passer-by with Emily Raymond’s camera.)

Dave Cahill clears a hurdle in the 400-meter hurdle race at the USATF Club National Track & Field Championships. (Photo by Deanna Clark)

GBTC’s Andrew Hall won the javelin event with a throw of 65.4 meters at the USATF Club National Track & Field Championships. (Photo by Errol Anderson, The Sporting Image)

GBTC is well-represented in the men’s 5K at the USATF-NE Championships. Out front is Brennan Bonner followed by team members Junyong Pak, Kit Wells and Matthew Haringa. Bonner came in a few tenths of a second behind teammate Kibrom Temelso, who won in 15:30.37. (Photo by Bruce Davie)

Ted Breen won the 1500 meters at the Boston High Performance Meet on May 26 in 4:08.98. (photo by Christy Bonstelle)

Avi Kramer led the men’s team to victory at the USATF-NE Grand Prix 12k Championships in Bedford, New Hampshire. Kramer finished third overall in 38:31. (Photo courtesy of Brian Moyer and Bill Gere, co-Race Directors, Rotary Club of Bedford, NH).

GBTC’s Gretchen Chick and Megha Doshi (left) raced as part of the second place women’s team at the Westford 5k. Photo by Jim Rhoades.

David Bedoya led the men’s team to a third-place finish with his 2:26:29 in Monday’s Boston Marathon. (Photo by Stanley Hu.)

The GBTC women finished second in the 4×4 at Northeastern on April 14th. Allison McCabe (background left) left ran first leg, Caroline Occean (background right) ran second leg, and on the track is the exchange from Sara O’Brien to Tessa Clare. (Photo by Dave Callum.)

The 4×400 team at the 2007 Masters Nationals: Dave Cahill, Jim Watts, Coach Dave Callum in white, and Aaron Binkley. (Photo by Caroline Occean.)

Coach Dave Callum (109) and Dave Cahill line up at the start of the 800 at the 2007 Masters Nationals. (Photo by Caroline Occean.)

On March 31, Emily Raymond won the hilly Upton 15k in 56:28 to tune up for the Boston Marathon in two weeks. (Photo by Ted Tyler.)

Kibrom Temelso and Ted Breen run side-by-side in the Northeastern Husky Spring Open 10k. Kibrom went on to win in 31:34, followed by a runner-up spot in the Eastern States 20-miler the next day in 1:55:43. (Photo by Emily Raymond)

Jeremy Borling leads the GBTC charge in the New Bedford Half Marathon with an eventual fifth place finish. Also pictured are David Bedoya, Lucas Woodward, and Junyong Pak. (Photo by Christy Bonstelle.)

GBTC’s Laura Hayden won the hilly Stu’s 30k on March 4 in an impressive 2:02:30. (Photo by Barry Smith from CMS).

GBTC’s Lynn Johnson finished the Hyannis Half-Marathon as fourth woman in 1:25:52. Johnson is training for the Boston Marathon in April. (Photo courtesy of Capstone Photography.)

Dave Cahill, Andie Colon, Dave Callum, and Francis Shen made up GBTC’s 4×400 relay that ran 3:28.29 to win the heat and the club division at the USATF New England Indoor Championships on Sunday (results). (Photo courtesy of Francis Shen.)

Mike Pieck and David Bedoya run in the Great Stew Chase on Feb. 4. Pieck finished sixth and Bedoya second on a blustery 15K course. (Photo by Roger Perham)

Only months after knee surgery, Bruce Davie runs a 4:38.1 in the master’s mile at the prestigious Boston Indoor Games on Saturday night. He finished in seventh place. (Photo by Alison Wade.)

Katie Famous runs the 5K in 18:13.14 at Friday’s BU Terrier Classic track meet, where many of GBTC’s athletes performed. (See more photos of the meet by Alison Wade.)

At the GBTC Invitational, GBTC’s own Alison McCabe (left) won the women’s Invitational Mile sponsored by Accelerade in 5:01.23. At right is runner-up Nicole Plante of UMass-Lowell. Both women received Accelerade products, and Alison won $100. (Photo by Bruce Davie.)

Laura Hayden (right) at the USATF Cross Country Nationals where she was the club’s second runner on the women’s team. (Photo by Sue Pearsall, Central Park Track Club.)

Mike Pieck (center) at the USATF Cross Country Nationals where he was the club’s second scoring runner on the men’s team. (Photo by Sue Pearsall, Central Park Track Club.)

GBTC’s Laura Hayden, Jen Lee, Gretchen Chick, Katie Famous, and Sloan Siegriest at the Genesee Valley Harriers Invitational cross-country meet in Rochester, New York, on November 19. Team leader Liz Kelly started fast and kept going. The women’s team finished second and men’s third. (Photo by Junyong Pak)

David Bedoya leading at the Genesee Valley Harriers Invitational with Avi Kramer in the hat. The highest head is Brennan Bonner. (Photo by Coach Tom Derderian)

Mike Pieck and Ryan Aschbrenner race in the Mayor’s Cup at Franklin Park on October 22, 2006. The GBTC Men’s Team placed 6th. (Photo by Sue Pearsall.)

Katie Famous at the Mayor’s Cup. The Women’s Team also placed 6th at the meet. (Photo by Cheryl Treworgy.)

Brennan Bonner leads the GBTC men at the Mayor’s Cup. (Photo by Alison Wade.)

Marty Wesolowski runs in the Denver Half Marathon on October 15, 2006.

Allison McCabe leading GBTC to a second-place team finish at the Tufts Health Plan 10k for Women on October 9, 2006. (Photo by Stanley Hu who has many more great pictures.)

The youngest member of GBTC, Bruce Raymond proudly supports his mom Emily, who finished first for women in the Hanover, NH half-marathon with a time of 1:21.21. (Photo by Scott Raymond.)

David Bedoya runs to a second place finish in the Hanover, NH half-marathon on August, 26, 2006. (Photo by Dan Grossman, Maple Leaf Photos.)

GBTC’s Bob Cedrone (center) finished 3rd in the hammer throw in his age group with a toss of 149 feet at Master’s Nationals held August 3-6, 2006 in North Carolina.

The GBTC team at the Falmouth Road Race on August 13, 2006. Photo by David Bedoya.

GBTC competed at the USATF National Club Championships July 15-16, 2006 in Walnut, California. The women finished the weekend as National Club Champions, and the men placed second in a field of 32 teams; combined, the teams finished second overall (results).

The scene at A Midsummer Lights Relay on June 23, 2006. (Photo by Barbara Allen, MWRA.)

Jen Busse leads the GBTC women to a second-place team finish in the Rhody 5k on June 4, 2006. The race took place in Lincoln Park, Rhode Island and is part of the USATF Grand Prix series. (Photo by Bruce Davie.)

Lynn Johnson moments from the finish line at the New England Grand Prix 5 kms. (Photo by Ted Tyler.)

Sean Furey throwing the Javelin at Penn Relays where he won the event and broke his club record for the first time this season. (Photo by Nathan Schneeberger, Assistant Track and Field Coach, University at Albany.)

Langston Dugger runs leadoff for GBTC in the Olympic Development 4x400m. The event was held on the second day of the Penn Relays in Philadelphia this April. (Photo by Cheryl Treworgy.)

Lucas Woodward at the Boston Marathon at Heartbreak Hill. (Photo by Stan Hu.)

Megha Doshi at the Boston Marathon at Heartbreak Hill. (Photo by Stan Hu.)

Greater Boston’s marathoners sport their team tattoos before the start of the 2006 Boston marathon. (L-R) Sarad Tomlinson, Jenny Thomas, Michelle Lang, Emily Raymond, and Megha Doshi. (Photo by Robin Low.)

Working together, training partners Jennifer Busse and Sloan Siegrist led the 5,000 meters from the first lap to the finish at the Tufts Hillside Relays on April 8, 2006. (Photo by Alison Wade.)

Emily Raymond winning the Boston Tune-Up 15K in Upton on April 1, 2006 (results). (Photo by Sue Lynch.)

Greater Boston’s David Cahill (360) and Jerome Mauris (36) in the midst of the 800m at the Tufts Snowflake Classic on April 1, 2006. (Photo by Alison Wade).

The winning GBTC Team at the Cohassett 10 km on April 2, 2006. From left to right: Peter Warrington, Joe Otto, David Bedoya, Kit Wells, and Lucas Woodward. (Photo by a friend of David Bedoya.)

Kit Wells on the penultimate turn at the New Bedford Half-Marathon (results).
(Photo by Krissy Kozlosky.)

David Bedoya on his way to a personal best as the top GBTC finisher in the New Bedford Half-Marathon on March 19 (results). David ran a 1:11 in the first road race of the 2006 Grand Prix series. (Photo by Bruce Davie.)

Sloan Seigrist and Jen Lee run the 1200m leg of the DMR at USATF Indoor Nationals on February 26. The two Greater Boston relays placed 2nd and 3rd in the exhibition event. (Photo by Alison Wade.)

Maegan Chaggaris (1813) and Cheryl Twomey (1816) at the Hyannis Half Marathon. Last year, GBTC’s Lynn Johnson, Maegan Chaggaris, and Sara Donahue finished 1, 2, and 3. This year, GBTC’s Lynn Johnson and Cheryl Twomey finished 1 and 3, and this was Cheryl’s first race with the club. This could be the beginning of a beautiful tradition… (Photo by Ted Tyler. 2006 results, 2005 results.)

Jen Busse, Carol Geddes, and Maegan Chaggaris working together at the USA Cross-Country Championships held at Van Cortland Park on February 18. The Greater Boston women finished second in the wintry 8K event. (Photo by Alison Wade.)

Sara O’Brien zooming to victory in her heat of the 400m at the St. Valentine’s Invitational held February 10-11 at Boston University. Sara also won her heat of the 200m in 26.56. (Photo by Alison Wade.)

GBTC’s Sherita Williams jumped 44′ 3/4″ in the triple jump, setting a new facility and meet record at the GBTC Invitational at Harvard on January 22, and setting fifth best jump in the world so far this year. Sherita was named Athlete of the Month by USATF New England for her record-setting performance. (Meet photos by Stan Hu.)

Nike’s Jen Toomey ran 4:32.28 in the Invitational Mile, setting a new track and meet record at the GBTC Invitational at Harvard on January 22, which would have been the second fastest mark in the country in 2005. (Meet photos by Stan Hu.)

Sherita Williams obliterated the competition with a 43’8″ triple jump at the Tufts Invitational on January 15, breaking her own club record, the facility record, and becoming the first GBTC woman this season to qualify for the USATF national championships, coming in February to Reggie Lewis. Sherita was a 2004 NCAA Woman of the Year finalist while at Michigan State.

Club president Bruce Davie receives the handoff from John Blouin in the 4×1600 after the BU Mini Meet on December 24.

GBTC men at the start of the 2005 USATF National Cross Country Championships held in November at the Genesee Valley Park in Rochester, New York. (December 26, 2006)

Sloan Seigrist, Laura Hayden, and Emily Raymond stand on the track after victory in the 5000m at the Harvard Invitational, with Emily’s husband, Scott, holding their newborn son, Bruce. Emily won the race, starting in last place and finishing in first after a blazing final lap, and Sloan and Laura finished in third and fourth. (December 12, 2005)

JJ Fialkovich (214) running at the 2005 National Club Cross Country Championships at Genesee Valley Park in Rochester, NY, with Jeff Doyon and John Blouin in the background. (December 5, 2005)