GBTC Relays

GBTC Relays

MIT Steinbrenner Stadium
Cambridge, MA

The GBTC Relays were held each June until 2001. The relays were held at the Steinbrenner Stadium on the MIT campus, except for the 2001 year when the relays were held at the Boston College High School in Dorchester, Massachusetts, while the MIT trace was being resurfaced. The club sponsored the Relays every year since 1985, the year that then-coach Jon Berit organized the relays as a dual meet between GBTC and the BAA at Boston College. As a low-key meet, the Relays have served as the track and field debut for many local running club members. It is an all-comers meet stressing participation as much as competition, and has amassed a loyal following. The event also attracts its share of top performers, including Kathy Franey, Alissa Hill, and Kristen Seabury.

Events range from the 100m dash to the 2-mile run. Additionally, there are 4×100 and 4×400 relays for men’s, women’s, and mixed gender teams. A long jump competition, held for men and women, is the only field event in the Relays. A children’s 40m dash is offered. There are special Developmental Miles for men and women, that are limited to athletes with lifetime personal bests exceeding 5:20 and 5:50, respectively. All other events are open, with no age groups, and athletes (youth, open, masters, seniors) seeded based upon time. The entry fee of $3 per athlete serves to defray some of the meet expenses. The children’s 40m dash is free. For more information, contact

Doug Burdi, meet director
(781) 994-0364
PO Box 170203, Boston, MA 02117.

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