2014 GBTC Invitational

GBTC Invitational Indoor Track Meet

Gordon Indoor Track Facility
Harvard University
Sunday, January 19, 2014

See final results of the GBTC Invitational held January 19 at the Harvard University indoor track. Coaches and athletes should send questions and corrections to gbtcinvite@gmail.com.

Registration is now closed

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The GBTC Invitational indoor track meet is held each January at the Gordon Indoor Track Facility on the Harvard University campus at 95 North Harvard Street in Allston. While the meet is open to runners of all abilities — one goal of the meet is to provide road runners an introduction to the thrill of indoor racing — the meet is well-known to New England’s best track athletes as a place to find top-notch competition.

For the 2014 meet, the meet information brochure and tentative meet schedule (updated January 9) are available now. Other information such as the event list, the meet schedule, and the list of invitational events will appear hear soon.

GBTC Invitational entry instructions

Registration is now closed.

Entry into the 2014 GBTC Invitational consisted of two steps:

  1. Entry form: Use the meet entry form (starting January 1) at DirectAthletics to enter individuals and teams into events at the meet. If you have never used DirectAthletics before, you will have to create an account on their web site, and you may find their help information useful.
  2. Entry fee: Use the payment buttons below to pay entry fees via PayPal. Entry fees are nonrefundable (they are entry fees and not participation fees), and we will not refund entry fees in the case of inclement weather, meet cancellation, scratches or non-appearance by the athlete. Teams that do not wish to pay online must notify us in advance via email at gbtcinvite@gmail.com, and must make checks payable to Greater Boston Track Club.

Both steps must be completed on or before January 14 for on-time registration and January 16 for late registration. There will be no post entries.

Entry and Payment Deadline

  • On-Time Entry is now closed. Late Entry continues until the end of January 16.
  • On-Time Entry: Entered on DirectAthletics by Tuesday, January 14, 11:59 p.m.
  • On-Time Entry Fee:
    • Individuals: $15 per Event
    • Teams: $250 maximum per team, with men and women separate.
  • Late registration is now closed. Late Procedure: Must be emailed directly to the meet director.
  • Late Entry: Received by Thursday, January 16, 11:59 p.m. NO DAY-OF!!!
  • Late Entry Fee:
    • Individuals: $25 per Event
    • Teams: $400 per team, with men and women separate.


Registration is now closed.

GBTC Invitational races and prize money

The Invitational and sponsored races are as follows:

  • Freddy Guys Hazelnuts 3k RW
    • one basket of nuts (overall winner)
  • Picky Bars / Saucony 3k
    • Saucony jacket and Saucony water bottle
    • Picky Bars Product
  • KenkoDo / Saucony 400
    • Saucony long sleeve shirt and Saucony mug
    • $75 KenkoDo acupuncture gift certificate
  • KenkoDo / Saucony 600
    • Saucony sweatshirt
    • $75 KenkoDo acupuncture gift certificate
  • Bill Squires / Saucony Mile
    • $100 Saucony Gift Card and Saucony casual shirt
  • Sports Printers / Saucony 300
    • Saucony Hat
    • Sports Printers Monetary Prize $25
  • Core Power / Saucony 200
    • Saucony socks and Saucony hat
    • Core Power Product
  • Level Renner Men’s 1000
    • Level Renner Monetary Prize $75
  • Active Recovery Boston / Saucony 800
    • $100 Saucony gift card
    • Active Recovery Boston Gift Certificate

For more information, contact

GBTC Invitational
PO Box 170203
Boston, MA 02117

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2012 meet information and event schedule
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