2005 Bradley Award: Katie Famous

GBTC Names Katie Famous as Bradley Award Winner

September 27, 2005
Boston, Massachusetts

The Greater Boston Track Club announces the selection of Katie Famous to receive the second half of the 2005 Margaret L. Bradley Award. The award is for travel to compete in the Chicago Marathon on October 9th. The second half of the yearly award is given by the Universal Sole running club of Chicago. In the spring the GBTC gave the first half of the award to a Universal Sole athlete to compete in the Boston Marathon.

The twice-yearly award is given reciprocally to young women of each club to alternately compete in the Boston and Chicago marathons in memory of their late teammate Margaret L. Bradley, who was a member of each club.

The award is given to young women marathoners who exemplify the traits that endeared Margaret Bradley to her teammates.

Katie Famous was Margaret Bradley’s friend and teammate in Boston before Margaret moved to Chicago to attend medical school. Katie Famous graduated from Tualatin High School in 1997 and Amherst College in 2001 with a degree in political science. She is now enrolled in an M.D./Ph.D. program at Boston University Medical School in neuroscience and pharmacology.

Famous took up running in college after playing soccer in high school and rowing on the crew team at Amherst, where during pre-season training she exhibited a talent for running, leading her crew mates to ask if she’d run cross-county. In her junior year she joined the Amherst College cross-country team and by senior year her coach Eric Nedeau named her captain. In college she ran personal bests of 10:43 for 3km and 18:27 for 5km. Chicago will be her first marathon.

For the Greater Boston Track Club, Famous ran on many New England Grand Prix teams with Margaret Bradley. About Margaret Katie says, “In the relatively short time that I was blessed with her friendship, Margaret was like a sister to me. We shared ups and downs, both personal and athletic. My two most poignant memories of her are watching her finish the Chicago Marathon, with the biggest grin on her face, right underneath the clock reading 2:58…and her staying with me in the hospital for multiple days when I had abdominal surgery. Always a fun presence, she brought me bright green slippers to walk around in.”

Margaret Bradley had run the Boston Marathon on the winning Greater Boston Track Club team in 2004 a few months before she died. Katie Wales of the Universal Sole club received the first half of the award and ran the Boston Marathon in 2005 running exactly the same time, 3:04:54, as did Margaret in 2004.

For more details about Margaret L. Bradley see the GBTC web site or contact Tom Derderian at tderderi@ix.netcom.com.