GBTC Invite 2019 Cancelled due to Weather!

Unfortunately, but understandably, Harvard University for only the second time since 1980 has cancelled the GBTC Invitational on Sunday January 20th 2019. Safety is obviously a top priority for Harvard and for GBTC, and considering the weather conditions Harvard felt compelled to close the facilities. The potential ice in this storm during and after the track meet is presenting significant concern.

-Your Meet Director, David Callum

2018 GBTC Invite – Results

Click here for complete meet results.

Post Edit (02/01/18): A short message from the GBTC Board of Directors – Another year of the annual Greater Boston Track Club Indoor Track & Field Invitational has come and gone. Many thanks to those who competed, volunteered and spectated.

Extra special thanks to longtime Event Director Dave Callum, who has dedicated himself to creating high quality track and field opportunities for athletes throughout Greater New England. 

This year’s GBTC Invite was one of the highest attended events in club history. Club and event records were challenged, and a full event recap will be posted soon!

Go to for event by event “live” results!

2015 GBTC Invitational

2015 GBTC Invitational Indoor Track Meet

Gordon Indoor Track Facility
Harvard University
January 25, 2015

For 2015 meet schedule, entry procedures and fees.

Invitational 3000
Dromgoole, Erin                  New Balance Bos
Leonhardt, Kerri                 GBTC
Devlin, Aislinn                  Unattached
Martin, Caroline                 GBTC
Sweeney, Heather              20 Unattached
Triedman, Nellie              23 GBTC
Bisceglia, Megan                 GBTC
Hu, Christine                    Phillips Exe
Quinn, Kacie                  18 Unattached
McGrath, Dawn                 38 SpiderOne Ra
Burke, Kathryn                   Bentley
Hegarty, Jennifer             49 New Balance
Kasala-Hallinan, Caitlin         GBTC

Harvey, Brian                    Baa
Alexander, Sam                   Baa
Place, Ryan                   28 Unattached
Reher, Michael                   GBTC
Deokar, Viraj                 17 Unattached
Regnier, Jesse                27 Western Mass
Lozier, Aaron                 26 Willow Street
Ouellette, Eric                  Fitchburg St
Pacheck, Adam                    GBTC
Hyland, Sean                     Baa
Cioe, Matthew                    Unat-Thomas
Chalmers, Andrew                 GBTC
Uruci, Xhulio                    GBTC
Batarags, Matiss                 Unattached
Amaral, Brian                    Fitchburg St

Invitational 400
Perron-Smith, Jackie             Hotchkiss Sc
Martinez, Anyelina            18 Haverhill El
Phelps, Jenna                    Fitchburg St
Phipps, Kayla                    Franklin Pie
Pratt, Grace                     Phillips Exe

Porter, Harrison                 GBTC
Junas, Andrew                 47 Eliot Track
Polk, Mason                      Phillips Exe
Redd, Kobe                       GBTC
Barnes, Anthony                  CCNY
Beatty, Chauncey                 Fitchburg St

Invitational Mile
Reilly, Steph                 36 RUN
Fahey, Caitlin                   New Balance Bos
Gaudreault, Gabriella         23 Unattached
Nash, Melissa                    New Balance Bos
Millett, Aly                     GBTC
Cramer, Margo                    New Balance Bos
Fitzpatrick, Sydney              New Balance Bos
Enman, Kasie                  35 GMAA
Dooley, Tara                     Bentley
Devlin, Aislinn                Unattached

O’Hare, Chris                    Adidas  (pacesetter, 60s thru 1000-1200)
Cooper, Kevin                    New Balance Bos
Saad, Julian                     Baa
Lowry, Dan                       Baa
Leakos, James                    Baa
Kibler, Chris                    GBTC
Gisore, Antoine                  Franklin Pie
Lozier, Aaron                 26 Willow Stree
Hillard, Matthew                 New Balance Bos

Invitational 200
Little, Camille                  Phillips Aca
Loney, Monique                   Franklin Pie
Perron-Smith, Jackie             Hotchkiss Sc
Zeigler, Nicolette               Franklin Pie
Wilson, Courtney                 Bentley
Gangi, Taryn                     Phillips Aca

Radden, Aaron                 23 True Start A
Vaughns, Vincent                 Phillips Exe
Holtzman, Bryan               22 Unattached
Alexander, Jemaal             22 Unattached
Bullen, Jomo                  22 Musketeers T
Dehazya, Peter                   CCNY

Invitational 800
Willard, Anna                 30 Nike
Uceny, Morgan                 29 Adidas
Ross, Cydney                     Baa
Krumpoch, Megan               22 Unattached
Veidis, Erika                    Harvard
Lipari, Emily                    Baa
King, Jillian                    New Balance Bos

O’Hare, Chris                    Adidas
Pitmon, Adron                 24 Olde Bones T
Kibler, Chris                    GBTC
Mangan, Steve                    Baa
Chorney, David                   Baa
Hayes, Ryan                      Umass Lowell
Barry, Daniel                 28 Unattached
Ethier, Richard                  Fitchburg St