GBTC provides a number of structured and unstructured training opportunities for our members. Our training is focused around peak performance in USATF road and cross country grand prix circuits and USATF-NE indoor and outdoor track championships.

Coaches prepare weekly workouts that include an official training session on the track each Tuesday night. Thursday night workouts are usually semi-structured hill or track workouts depending on the season and long runs occur most weekends depending on the race schedule.

We pride ourselves in being an old school team, our members love to train and race together. This takes a certain level of commitment to attending regular team workouts and events, but the end result is worth it! The athlete is responsible for keeping the coaches informed about training mileage, terrain, and intensity and other relevant details to help in guiding workouts.

Once to twice a week, structured track training sessions are provide by Coaches Tom Derderian, Rod Hemingway, Elaina Zizza and Bruce Bond.   These track workouts are tailored for the needs of specific training groups (sprinters, road racers, marathoners etc.) and follow a seasonal plan around the team’s competitive goals.   As for other training such as hill repeats and long runs, the locations are numerous as we have many runners that are spread out in the Greater Boston area including suburbs.

Many runners log their runs on Strava. This social-media type training tool is a great way for the coaches to keep up on your progress and to see what your teammates are up to!

In the spring, summer, and fall, our track workouts are Tuesdays at the Madison Park track near the intersection of Tremont & Malcolm X Blvd.


In the winter, our track workouts on Tuesdays and some Thursdays at the Reggie Lewis track in Roxbury Crossing (club members are eligible for discounted season passes to the track).

Please contact us at for more information or complete the new member information form here.