GBTC Sponsorship Program

The goal of the Sponsored Athlete Program is to provide support for GBTC’s most competitive athletes, and to allow those athletes to compete for, and promote GBTC  at competitions within New England.

GBTC also provides travel support to many club members to attend events such as National track & field events, National cross country events, and marquee road races. The club also provides racing uniforms to all competing members and additional team clothing to those athletes who represent the club at major events. GBTC offers additional racing support for female athletes through the Margaret Bradley Scholarship. For further information, contact GBTC sponsored athlete coordinators Brian McNamara(brian.mcnamara05 at or Andy Chalmers (ahchalmers12 at

Qualifying as a Sponsored Athlete

  • To be eligible for Sponsored Athlete status, an athlete must first be a member of GBTC, including paying their initial and ongoing membership dues.
  • To be eligible for Sponsored Athlete status, an athlete must have achieved an “Auto” or “Provisional” mark within the past 12 months. Qualifying marks made as a collegian may be considered. “Auto” qualifying marks will automatically qualify GBTC athletes as Sponsored Athletes, assuming ongoing requirements are met. “Provisional” qualifying marks allow a GBTC athlete to be considered for the Sponsored Athlete program. Criteria for Sponsored Athlete status for those with provisional marks include frequency of competition for GBTC, attendance at GBTC practice, level of performance, and club tenure.
  • The Board of Directors, with consultation from the coaches, will ultimately determine which GBTC members are and continue to be Sponsored Athletes.
  • The list of Sponsored Athletes will be reviewed semi-annually, and GBTC reserves to the right to revoke Sponsored Athlete status at any time.

Sponsored Athlete Benefits and Requirements

Duration: A GBTC athlete will maintain sponsored status for a period of 1 year following a qualifying mark.

Gear: Sponsored Athletes will receive team gear including singlet, team shirts, and warm ups.

Competition Reimbursement: Sponsored Athletes are eligible for reimbursement for up to $100 in entry fees per year.

Competition/Volunteer Requirement: Sponsored athletes are required to compete for GBTC. While the club understands each athlete’s situation is unique (timing of competitions, injuries, etc.), the following provides an outline of the amount of competition generally expected for Sponsored Athletes. Sponsored Athletes are also encouraged to volunteer at club events throughout the year.

      • Sponsored Field Athletes and 800m and under: 4 New England Track and Field meets (Indoors or Outdoors)
      • Sponsored Athletes at 1500m and over: 6 New England competitions (Road Race, Cross Country, Track and Field), 2 of which should be a Road Race
      • The following are a non-exclusive list of meets which may be used to satisfy the competition requirement. GBTC Board of Directors, with consultation from coaches, will determine whether a particular competition qualifies to satisfy the competition requirement.
            • Cross Country – USATF-NE XC Grand Prix races, BAA Mayor’s Cup, USATF Club Nationals
            • Road Race – USATF-NE Grand Prix, Boston Marathon
            • Track – BU Mini Meets, BU Terrier & Valentine Indoor Meets, GBTC Indoor Invitational,  USATF-NE Outdoor championships, USATF Club Nationals

2013-2014 Qualifying Standards

MEN “Auto” “Provisional” WOMEN “Auto” “Provisional”
55m 6.47 6.58 55m 7.22 7.33
60m 6.99 7.10 60m 7.87 7.98
100m 10.70 10.90 100m 12.40 12.80
200m 21.80 22.30 200m 25.60 26.50
400m 48.50 49.70 400m 57.40 59.50
800m 1:54.00 1:57.5 800m 2:13.00 2:18.50
1500m 3:52.00 4:00.00 1500m 4:31.00 4:46.00
Mile 4:09.00 4:17.5 Mile 4:52.00 5:08.00
3000m 8:20.00 8:39.00 3000m 9:52.00 10:20.00
Steeple 9:14.00 9:36.00 Steeple 11:07.00 11:36.00
5000m 14:35.00 15:05 5000m 17:05.00 17:50.00
10,000m 30:15.00 31:20 10,000m 35:30.00 37:05.00
Half marathon 1:08:00 1:10:00 Half marathon 1:21:00 1:23:30
Marathon 2:25:00 2:35:00 Marathon 2:55:00 3:05:00
USATF-NE Grand Prix Road Race (USATF Team Club Member Finish)  (1) Top 5 or (2) Top 10 finishes (1) Top 15 or (2) Top 20 finishes   USATF-NE Grand Prix Road Race (USATF Team Club Member Finish)  (1) Top 5 or (2) Top 10 finishes (1) Top 15 or (2) Top 20 finishes
USATF-NE XC Champs (USATF Team Club Member Finish) Top 5 Top 20 USATF-NE XC Champs (USATF Team Club Member Finish) Top 5 Top 20
60m High Hurdles 8.36   60m High Hurdles 8.99  
110m Hurdles 14.55 15.00 100m Hurdles 14.50 15.00
400m Hurdles 53.40 55.00 400m Hurdles 60.00 65.00
High Jump 2.11 2.04 High Jump 1.75m 1.65m
Pole Vault 5.00m 4.60m Pole Vault 3.65m 3.36m
Long Jump 7.30m 7.00m Long Jump 6.00m 5.70m
Triple Jump 15.30m 14.70m Triple Jump 12.60m 12.00m
SP 17.50m 16.40m SP 13.35m 12.75m
DT 55.25m 51.00m DT 44.00m 42.60m
JT 66.00m 61.00m JT 46.00m 40.00m
WT 19.00m WT 18.00m
HT 59.00m 57.30m HT 55.00m 49.00m