Bradley by-laws amendment

Margaret L. Bradley Award

Created: October 19, 2004
Revised: September 17, 2008

The Greater Boston Track Club (GBTC) and Universal Sole Running Club jointly established the Margaret L. Bradley Award in memory of Margaret Bradley, a former club member who ran the 2003 Chicago Marathon in 2:58 and the 2004 Boston Marathon in 3:04 and died in July 2004 while hiking and running in the Grand Canyon. The award was restructured in September, 2008, and is now solely a function of GBTC. The intent of the award is for GBTC to provide expenses each year for one female member of GBTC to compete in a domestic event of her choosing. The provisions for the award are as follows:

  1. The Margaret L. Bradley award will consist of cash awarded by GBTC to cover the cost of air travel and entry fee for one female member of GBTC to compete in a race of her choosing.
  2. In each calendar year, the president of GBTC will appoint a committee consisting of at least three club members to administer the annual prize known as the Margaret L. Bradley Award. The president of GBTC may also appoint one adjunct affiliate individual to the committee. The adjunct affiliate individual does not need to be a GBTC club member. The GBTC board of directors must approve the composition of the committee. This committee will be responsible for nominating a female GBTC member to receive the award. The board must approve the committee’s nomination. The selected recipient must be a club member in good standing who espouses the characteristics reflective of Margaret as indicated on the club website ( The recipient should be an open runner who is likely to perform at a high level in the event of her choosing that will occur within approximately 12 months from when she receives the award.
  3. The recipient will be announced at the GBTC Annual Meeting. The recipient must announce her chosen event to the committee by the GBTC Holiday Party, or by December 31 of the given year, whichever comes first. By April 1 of the following year, if the recipient is unable to compete in her chosen event due to a change in circumstances, she will relinquish her award and an alternate recipient, selected by the committee and approved by the board, will receive the award. The alternate recipient must select an event in which to compete in a reasonable time frame. Due to the development of the new by-laws, for the year 2008-2009, the selected recipient will be announced at the GBTC Holiday Party; however, in all subsequent years, the recipient will be announced at the Annual Meeting.
  4. The club shall maintain a separate fund, the Margaret Bradley Fund, to cover the costs of awarding the prize. Donations that are directed toward this fund must be used only to supplement the fund and may not be used for any other club expenses. Income generated by the fund must be used only to supplement the fund. The board may choose to allocate additional money from general club funds to this fund. The committee shall decide how best to invest the resources of the fund.