The Old Coach’s New Book

Coach Tom Derderian’s book chronicles the past 120 years of racing at the Boston Marathon.

Coach Tom Derderian is well known in the world of track, cross country and road running. His running accomplishments include running in the Olympic trials in both 1972 and 1976, numerous New England road championships, and a 2:19:04 Boston Marathon in 1975. As a coach, Derderian continues to help GBTC find success on roads, tracks and trails. 

Another notable accomplishment for Coach Derderian comes in the form of pen to paper, as he shares a wealth of knowledge about the world’s oldest and most prestigious road race: The Boston Marathon. The newest edition of Tom’s book, Boston Marathon: Year-by-Year Stories of the World’s Premier Running Event, is now available for purchase. Complete with more than one hundred photographs and results from every year, this Boston Marathon encyclopedia belongs on the shelf of every runner.

Pick up a copy at this year’s Boston Marathon Expo (Booth 1305), or have one delivered right to your door! Get yourself a copy before the IAAF declares the book an illegal performance enhancer (credit to Tom for this …excellent… joke)!