Marathoners to Wear ’70s-Era Uniforms at Boston

With the 2017 Boston Marathon just days away, GBTC is excited to announce that this year’s marathon team will wear a 1970s-inspired white singlet.

In the early years, after a local guy named Bill Rodgers (ever heard of him…?) won Boston in a hand-drawn GBTC t-shirt, the club adopted red and white as their official colors. They’ve worn many uniforms over the years, but it was the earliest marathon teams in white tops and red shorts that put Greater Boston TC in the national spotlight.

Over 30 GBTC members will make the annual trek from Hopkinton to Boston on Monday, April 17th. Be on the lookout for the new white singlet, and feel free to join our cheering section in Coolidge Corner. Good luck to all who are racing on Monday!