Bond Keeps on Going


Bond Just Keeps Going

Just weeks after his third marathon of 2015, GBTC member Rob Bond finished third overall in the 2015 JFK 50 Mile (Washington County, Maryland), the nations oldest and largest ultramarathon. It was Rob’s first attempt at the distance, and his time of 5 hours 58 minutes deems him the 30th person to ever break 6 hours in the event. Rob had much to say once he finished, as I’m sure we all would after running for almost six hours.

“Fortunately I had a great summer of training with my GBTC teammates. I got great advice about the race from GBTC alum Ryan Aschbrenner … I was able to control my pace and complete the technical AT section without totally wrecking myself. I only fell one time while leaping from rock to rock. Once we hit the pancake flat C&O towpath, I settled into my target pace of 6:40 miles. My three person crew (consisting of an Aunt, my Mom, and Girlfriend) kept my drink bottle full throughout. The miles ticked along as I tried to distract myself from the increasing discomforts.”

The podium finish at JFK50 caps off an exciting year for Rob, as he has PR’d multiple times at various distances, and claimed victory at Baystate Marathon (2:29:50) on October 10th. Hopefully he’ll take some much deserved rest before racing again in the new year.