Women 9th in Nation

In the deepest and fastest Tufts 10km in history GBTC placed 9th in the team standings. This is the second year that the race is the National Club 10km women’s Championships. It now offers $26,200 in team prize money, and $17000 in individual prize money so teams can afford to fly in from all over the country. GBTC placed 9th (alas prize money only 5 teams deep) and second New England team behind our New Balance friends. 

Sara Donahue ran in first for the club in a competition that put California’s Impala team one second ahead of GBTC. The race produced a new course record and surely a new team score record.

Sara Donahue enjoying the thick of competition in today's Tuft's 10 km. Photo by GreaterSnap

Sara Donahue enjoying the thick of competition in today’s Tuft’s 10 km. Photo by GreaterSnap

35:06   37:08   38:32 = 1:50:46
Sara Donahue, Alyse Rocco, Alyson Millett


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