Boston Bedoya!

Waiting for Bedoya in absurd weather for marathons

In a show of deep fitness GBTC’s David Bedoya sliced through the hot sunshine on a day most runners could not cut. Junyong Pak and Matt Fortin followed to give the GBTC men’s open team second place. Bedoya ran 2:29:34 for 21st place, Pak ran 2:39:16 for 69th place, and Fortin ran 2:46:53 for 144th.

Update: Race reports are coming forth, from David Bedoya, Audrey Zaferos, Gary Cattarin, and Emily Raymond. The Women’s open team finished in 7th place out of 50 scoring teams, and the Men’s masters team finished in 13th place out of 68 scoring teams. Continue reading to see a summary of results for all of GBTC athletes on Patriot’s Day.

GBTC Women’s Open Team
132 Manfredi, Victoria 3:18:21
139 Stickney, Sarah 3:18:49
149 Raymond, Emily S 3:19:18
202 Novick, Anna E 3:22:56
244 Walton, Zandra E. 3:24:56
2597 Will, Joy L. 4:01:38
4540 Lecuyer, Lindsey B. 4:22:04
5442 Zaferos, Audrey 4:32:15
5548 Joyce, Jennifer A. 4:33:40
DNF Landberg, Amelia B (40K in 2:54:13)

GBTC Men’s Masters Team
179 Chesto, Jon 2:48:57
699 Cattarin, Gary 3:05:07
2084 Wilhelm, Marcus 3:24:25
2867 Kole, Bill 3:32:11
4276 Cannistraro, Joseph C 3:44:49
8015 Burgess, David 4:19:17
11027 Circosta, Gary 5:09:55
DNF Urquiola, Michael (40K in 3:56:13)
DNS Mclucas, Doug
DNS Ross, Ken

GBTC Men’s Open Team
21 Bedoya, David 2:29:34
69 Pak, Junyong 2:39:16
144 Fortin, Matthew I 2:46:53
228 Erb-Satullo, Nathaniel 2:51:19
343 Walker, Xaviour 2:55:35
677 Stickney, Timothy 3:04:31
832 Dunklee, Jason 3:07:43
2756 Mendoza, Eric 3:30:53
7368 Jurek, Samuel C 4:12:01
DNF Young, Thomas (Half in 1:13:30)
DNF Lyons, Matthew (25K in 1:45:46)
DNF Temelso, Kibrom (15K in 1:08:04)
DNS Aschbrenner, Ryan

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