Codfish Bowl: Soggy Soup

Emily Raymond, Allison McCabe, Victoria Barnaby sprinting to a mass finish.
Photo by GreaterSnap

Rain beat down all night, soaking the ground then slowly rose out of the mud to saturate the 80 degree F day making sweat unable to evaporate and cool racing runners. Everyone suffered from the over 70 percent humidity. It was like running in a tropical jungle coated with sweat and mud. But the GBTC women took 2nd place to Boston University over the soggy 5km course in Franklin Park today.

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A tight pack of GBTC women finished consecutively from 7th to 10 with Anna Novick in 35th to complete the scoring. Katie Famous followed in 54th, then Gretchen Speed, Scarlett Graham, Katie Fobert, Sarah Stickney, new members, Katie Passarell and Nicole Rogers, new masters runner, Christy Bonstelle, and hurdler, Jessica Klett.

Two hundred and fifty one runners finished ther women’s 5km and twenty-three teams. Full results are here. Photos are available here, courtesy of GreaterSnap.

Two hundred and eight-six men finished the 8k and twenty-six teams. The GBTC men placed 6th led by Kibrom Temelso, Ted Breen, David Bedoya, finishing 11th, 29th, and 50th. New members Chris Hine and Ryan Irwin took 60th and 67th with Caleb Evanter in 79th. The rest of the GBTC men finished in the following order, Adrian Macdonald, Ben Wheatley, Tim Stickney, John Blouin, Adam Greenspan, Dan Hall, and Max White.

The amazing news of the day is that GBTC finished a masters team, labeled in the results as the Gr. Boston TC B team taking 19th place. Bruce Davie, Joe Cannistraro, John Raguin, Harris Hardy, Bruce Bond, Joel Bargmann, and Tom Derderian.